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Quality database applications can provide significant productivity gains for companies of all sizes. However, fully-featured, integrated application suites that use superior technology are unaffordable to most small businesses. Sadly, most of these companies either adapt inferior technology, or go without...


Standards-based integration has made inter-business data-sharing services affordable to small companies. Until now, fully integrating a supply chain has been a million-dollar exercise. When business applications communicate directly with those of your business partners, suppliers, and customers, securely and in real time, errors, double entry, and administrative overheads are greatly reduced...

Our Goal

Rose Software provides a quality, affordably hosted cloud-based business application suite to companies of all types and sizes. Pay only for the modules required, on a monthly usage basis, without major upfront investment. We use a high-speed internet link, with superior database and application technology.

Hosting / Support

Hosting your database application on our servers will eliminate the need for expensive computer equipment and in-house technical support staff in your office. Rose Software guarantees the security and privacy of your business data, and provide a full database administration service. No longer worry about computer downtime, upgrades, data backups...

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