A few of our Clients

Energy Queensland

Energy Queensland uses Rose ERP's latest application, Forecasting, to provide critical peak load and energy forecasts. The dynamic modelling tool makes for a fast and flexible research tool, testing for the validity of drivers. Historic and future estimates are used for localised weather, domestic economic product, and population, are used, among many others, to do predictive analysis. This is business inteligence at it's finest.

Origin Energy

Origin Energy use Rose ERP's XML tools to manage communication of data between multiple internal systems. Their customer support phone system, located in Adelaide, uses real-time communication with multiple back-end systems in Brisbane to retrieve information, testifying to the speed and reliability of Rose ERP's data management capabilities.

Moreton Hire

Moreton Hire utilize WRIS Rose Card and Rose Integrate applications, which extend their own internal business applications to allow processing of credit card payments. Their customer service representatives process nearly 1000 phone payments a month, and transactions process directly, securely, and immediately with their bank.

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