Rose ERP

Rose ERP

Rose Software is proud to offer Rose ERP, a cloud-based business application suite which delivers on the promise of intelligent, integrated applications for companies of any size. By combining front-end capabilities such as showcasing products and taking orders on-line, with back-end functions like Inventory Management and Accounting, Rose ERP provide businesses powerful tools to manage their operations.


Rose ERP is intelligent. Corporate data is held in a single database, giving you access to your key performance metrics in a series of real-time dashboards. With powerful querying capabilities, Rose ERP gives you flexible access to your business data, enabling you to make better, faster decisions. Graphing capabilities help present your data in meaningful, visual ways.


Rose ERP is extremely customizable. The system provides the ability to build your own interface, graphics, and stylesheets, making it easy to change the look and feel of the applications yourself. Companies may choose which form fields are seen, and users may design their own lists.


Rose ERP is modular. Any combination of applications may be used, which provides businesses flexibility, a growth path for the future, and helps keep costs down.


Rose ERP is secure. Every page, menu item, and document is associated with a security group, and system users are set up to allow access to only the desired system functionality. Each list, form and view are secured for view, insert, update and delete purposes, giving businesses flexibility in determining who can view and maintaining business data.


Rose ERP is affordable to even the smallest of businesses. With an option to buy or lease, small businesses can now implement powerful technology previously only available to large organizations. Hosted and fully administered solution plans are available on a tiered usage basis.
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